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Day 4, Sun, 18.11.2018

Day 3, Sat, 17.11.2018

my creditcard get's blocked, my apple id get's blocked, my swissquote account get's blocked, ... and so an.

i called them and they asked me if i tried to get some money out of the cash machine. i confirmed and they said that this was triggering their alert systems for fraud detection. aha .. interesting ...

half a hour later, they called me again and asked, what kind of credit card i'm using. i gave them this number and they said, that this card is not registered .. ?!? ok, that seem's funny to me. i tried to pickup a bigger sum of cash without a registered credit card, and i haven't been aware of anyting. triggered all f**** alerts on the planet and got the whole swat team in my back. at least, it felt like this ...

apple also tried to clean their systems and "clenup" my apple id. this could take days or weeks, they will come back to me ...

Day 2, Fre, 16.11.2018

will follow ...

Day 1, Thu, 15.11.2018

you may wan't belive, i neither do.

my girl kicked me out of my home. she said, that i made her live like hell the last 5 years and if don't go to a therapy, she will leave ..

ok, that's fine for me. i told her that she can pack thei suitcases and look for an appartment. she's not welcome in my home starting now.

further, i'm beeing monitored by the police. i don't know if it's related to, but i have to assume. i asked eveline and my mom, and both of them

declined that they are aware of any special stuff ongoing.

my mobile phone always got the simcard locked, so, i bought a complete new mobile with anoter provider and new number. after a moment, exactly the same.

i have now two mobiles and can't use neither of them. that makes my life a bit more complicated, as i can't phone, surf, browse the net or read emails.

it's now 02:40. i'm still in zurich but i will leave the city in the afternoon and gooing for vacation somewhere.

you can readon here. i will update every day and once i have internet and threema again, that would be the way to communicate with me, until i got a mobile

phone back.

take care. stoege

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