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as many of you, i’ve got different kind of stuff running, mostly internally, but also some public things.

Hamsterwheel Counter

my Daughter got a Hamster and he’s running every night in his Weel.. I built a small Wheel-Counter so we can see the Daily Stats an Performance of Cookie :). Website is in German and reachable via IPv6 only …

the Hamster died just before XMAS 2022 :( RIP Cookie !

Puffy around the World

i created a small playground where i (and some friends) can test stuff, tools, scripts. it’s a learning playground based on OpenBSD.


currently, i’m working on my CAS in CyberSecurity. there is also a Page/Blog/Link Collection available

Bullshit API

everybody loves api, right ?

AS 208260

just shot a own AS and a small IPv6 Range (/44) … looking forward to learn and have some fun with the Global IPv6 Routing Table !

BGP Looking Glass

got my own Looking Glass Server :)

Geo Location with Maxmind/GeoIPLite

Parse your IP and print all Details we can get from GeoLite2 Free Geolocation Data

URL Shortener API

written in Python with FastAPI

NoteIT - Personal Notepad

written in Python & Flask

Hosting your Stuff with OpenBSD :)

Domain Availability Checker

need a cool domain name ? provide two keywords and get free domains listed


may not useful for you, but for me :). Check the Post if interested …

Thanks App

a little learning API, based on FastAPI

… more to come …

Any Comments ?

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